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Speakers » Sue Fennessy

Founder and CEO, The8Cloud

Fennessy is a self-confessed data nerd, who previously founded Standard Media Index (SMI) in 2008, bringing transparency into the Global ad market. Through partnerships with five of the world’s largest media buying agencies, SMI was able, for the first time ever, to provide an accurate and timely picture of the ad spend market. This data is now used daily by the world’s largest media and finance companies.
Originally from Australia, Sue spent 4 years in China, building the largest foreign-owned sports entertainment company in the country. She was the driving force behind the evolution of musical theater in China, negotiated the first World Cup television rights deal in China and created five large, sponsor-driven television series.
Starting her first business at 21, she built the largest sponsorship agency in Australia and managed the sponsorship strategies and portfolios for over 30 large corporate brands, including brokering eight Olympic deals. After 11 years and with a team of 100 people, she sold the company to BBDO in 2000.
Her current mission, and the culmination of a 30-year career in tech, data and media, is to connect brands deeply with people at scale, and financially empower those who are creating social content. Working with clients such as Mars, Kimberly Clark, Calvin Klein, and Unilever, The8Cloud framework gives people economic reward and the ability to make massive social impact.
Sitting at the intersection of technology, economics, and media, Sue passionately believes, given the right tools, people will solve the world’s biggest problems.