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The Rise of Emotional Data: Technology, Tempo & Trust in a world that’s already too automated

Starts: 1:25 pm | Ends: 1:55 pm

Data data, who has the data? One of our biggest mandates these days is gathering more and more data about our content, the audiences consuming it, and how it helps us make our customer experience more relevant. But one of the most under appreciated aspects of data is the intent in which it is given. It’s easy to scrape data from every interaction we have with customers on our brand focused digital channels. But that’s a bit like trying to understand what I really care most about while watching me on surveillance camera as I browse the grocery story. Does that really help? What if we were using the data gathered from content that customers loved?  What if customers willingly gave us their information? Does that improve the VALUE of that data?  Well, let’s see if I can’t make a case for just that; emotional data – not gathered, but rather received.  Let’s look at technology differently – and how we start using data to really develop more emotional relationships with our customers, rather than just automate transactions.

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Robert Rose
Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute